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Fit Meals

Our premade meals give you the exact nutrients you need to be healthier and fitter!



Health Works Nutrition offers hassle free premade fit meals. These meals take the stress away from worrying about food prepping for the day or week.

All meals are freshly cooked with no additives or preservatives! Take them home or eat in the store! Each meal ranges from $6.99-$8.99. Choose from protein like chicken, turkey, beef, and steak. Sides include carbohydrates and vegetables.

Order 10 or more Fit Meals and receive $1.00 off each meal.

Preorders are made every Friday for Monday delivery.


Fit Meals include a protein, carb, and vegetable.

Choose a Protein

BBQ Chicken and Jasmine Rice
Protein-39 g
Carbs-35 g
Fat-3 g

BBQ Chicken and Broccoli
Protein-37 g
Carbs-3 g
Fat – 3 g

Ground Beef and Jasmine Rice:
Protein-34 g
Carbs – 35 g
Fat- 16.5 g

Ground Beef and Broccoli
Calories -315.5
Protein- 34.5 g
Carbs-3 g
Fat – 16.75 g

Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Broccoli
Carbs- 38 g
Fat – 3.5 g

Sirloin Steak and Broccoli
Calories- 230
Protein-34.5 g
Carbs- 4 g
Fat – 7 g

Sirloin Steak and Jasmine Rice
Protein 37.5g
Carbs – 36g
Fat – 7g

Turkey and Jasmine Rice
Calories- 344
42 Protein- 28
Carbs – 42 g
Fat – 11.5 g

Cajun Chicken Alfredo bowl
Calories- 560g
Carbs- 47 g
Fat – 25 g

Southwest Chicken and Jasmine Rice
Calories- 400 g
Protein – 44g
Carbs- 55g
Fat- 5g

Chicken Fajita and Jasmine Rice
Calories – 358
Protein- 31g
Carbs – 40g
Fat- 4g

Other sides available: Green Beans, and Green Bell Peppers

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